On 7 Sep Media Shower and Lannister Holdings announced an MOU with “The intent of the agreement betweenLannister Holdings, Inc. and Media Showeris to develop a platform that provides blockchain technologies for organizations who wish to obtain equity funding for their endeavor. This MOU outlines the partnership that will bringThe Equity Token Projectfrom ideation to deployment using the expertise of both parties.”

No information about cost or value was ever conveyed in the MOU, however it is possible to give a ball park idea of its future worth. Please note that due to the lack of market data for “Token Generation Event” (TGE), I have had to use parallel market data for “Intinal Coin Offering” or ICO. Taking a look at market data for the current year found at https://www.icodata.io/stats/2018 states that so far in 2018 there have been 1101 completed ICO’s which generated over $6.9 billion USD. Breaking that down would mean the average ICO generated about $2.8mil USD. Granted thats most likely over values some and under values otheres.

The next pice of information comes from https://www.investopedia.com/news/how-much-does-it-cost-list-ico-token/ and states the average cost of listing an ICO is somewhere between $1mil and $3 mil USD, or put another way, total accounts payable to the different ICO platforms is some where between $1.1bil and $3.3bil USD. Thoses numbers are big enough on their own, however we can go a step further.

So what does that $1mil to $3 mil USD to list an ICO buy you? There is a good cost analysis breakdown at https://blockchainreview.io/cost-to-do-an-ico-initial-coin-offering-marketing-fees-budget/ . If we break this budget down you’ll see every member of the extended Lannister team has something to gain. The different parts of the aforementioned budget break down thus ways: Concept development $15-75,000 USD, ICO Development – Technology Development $25-50,000 USD, ICO Development – Legal and Compliance

$100-400,000 USD, ICO Development – Token Sale System Development

$65-100,000 USD, ICO Development – Cybersecurity Management $40,000 USD, ICO Development – Digital Marketing and PR $40-400,000 USD,

ICO Development – Investor/Buyer Relations $55-100,000 USD. Based on this break down we see where all the partners fit in. Two separate budget points for Lannister Development, Digital marketing from Media Shower, and for Invester/buyer relations for both Shot ventures and Four Peaks Funding. In addition to this, thanks to an article from @cointeleigraph we see that venture capital companies like @shotventures and @4peaksfunding have invested around $3.9b in #blockchain this year.

Bottom line, this MOU is a big win for every member of the extended Lannister family.

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