No Borders, Inc. (OTC: NBDR) Subsidiary, Lannister Holdings, Inc. Announces Strategic Alliance with Four Peaks Funding Solutions, The True “Matchmaker” in Commercial Finance Press Release | 08/01/2018 No Borders, Inc. subsidiaries Lannister Holdings, Inc. and Lannister Capital, Inc. have entered into a Mutual Strategic Alliance with Four Peaks Funding Solutions in order to provide both company’s clients access to world class software development, digital marketing, and funding services. Four Peaks Funding Solutions (FPFS) is a full-scale commercial finance company that is passionate about working with business owners and executives to help them scale operations, complete acquisitions and grow their existing businesses with a beautiful mix of unique financing structures, cost saving technologies and a proactive “get things done” approach to real world strategic funding deployment. The founder, Josh Flake, built this company to fill a hole that he felt existed in the marketplace. Current statistics show that 9 out of 10 business loan applicants are declined by big box banks. While there are many commercial loan brokers in the industry, there is a definite need for companies that put the clients needs first. FPFS exists to advance the commercial loan industry by focusing on the clients true needs, rather than on just providing another loan that might not be the best fit for them. They see that all loans and lenders are not created equal which is why FPFS strives to develop open lines of communication and expertly evaluate a businesses needs in order to help them reach the next level and obtain the financing they need. A true “matchmaker” in the commercial finance industry, FFPS help match business owners with the perfect lenders that they would not otherwise be able to connect with. They meet with each client to dig deep into the “why” behind why they are seeking financing so that they can be sure to offer them the best solution for the clients specific situation. FPFS has a nationwide network of over 150 direct lenders that is constantly growing to provide their clients with any financing needs that they might have. Their network includes conventional, SBA, and alternative lending solutions. With over 70+ years in combined commercial finance experience, and over $650 Million USD in collective funded deals, FPFS prides themselves on being able to provide the absolute best possible solution for each business’s individual needs and goals. The Arizona based company has a heavy expertise in Healthcare, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Commercial Real Estate financing. However, they are also a one-stop-shop for any business owners or investors that are looking for unique financing solutions, cutting edge technology based finance structures and can professionally handle financing for any need in any industry.

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