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There are bold statements, and then there are BOLD statements. No Borders, Inc. CEO Joseph Snyder has gone on record with his most daring statement to date, 2020 revenue projection of $12 million. Can they do it? Check out the update video below to hear the projection yourself.

No Boders, Inc. February 2020 Shareholders Update Video (OTC:NBDR) https://youtu.be/W_Y65YmV4QA

To date, NBDR has yet to produce a quarterly report in excess of $250 thousand, which does not bode well for this 2020 projection. Due to the level of credibility, Mr. Snyder has demonstrated up to now, investors may be able to see a future fact instead of an optimistic goal. I would even go so far as to call this borderline arrogant.

NBDR revenue growth over last four quarters as reported in released quarterly filing.

No Borders Inc has exhibited a steady growth rate of over 130% per quarter over the last year, with the average for the previous three quarters being roughly 176%. This trend shows some signs of weakening due to the reduced quarterly growth, 1Q19 growth was 100% over FY 18, 2Q19 was 94% over 1Q, and 3Q19 was 34% over 2Q. This may indicate current market saturation for targeted demographics and marketing campaigns and may highlight a need to expand into new marketing areas, technology, or verticals.

Although the current rate of growth does exhibit some characteristics of exponential growth, this rate may be unsustainable in the long term, determining whether or not the growth is sustainable will be dependent on how NBDR can capitalize on changes within the CBD market, and how its supply chain can handle market stressors. A key indicator will be the 4th quarter and annual financial reports.

The two charts below depict possible growth rates between 1.3 and 2.2 quarter over quarter and the possible year to date growth for those same rates.

Based on NBDR’s historical revenue, the most likely rate of growth is between 1.3 and 1.7 per quarter, which is far below the needed 2.2 to reach $12mil annual revenue. Market penetration and advertisement avenues have limited NBDR growth to date, forcing a focus on grassroots marketing and word of mouth via social media. At the current level of business operations, it is unrealistically optimistic that NBDR will reach the required 2.2 quarter over quarter growth rate.

According to Mr. Snyder, those operations will be going through a scaling phase throughout 2020 and 2021. The forward-looking statement of $12mil revenue may be attainable with substantial changes in how NBDR operates throughout the next year. Based on the information provide in the February Shareholders Video has a three-pronged value proposition of; best in class product line, CBD Lab-chain (patent pending), celebrity and Athlete Endorsement (current and retired; NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, WWE MMA, Tennis, Scorer) to engage the estimated 85% virgin CBD market.

A crucial second indicator and benchmark that may be used to evaluate NBDR’s success to meet it’s 2020 revenue projection will be the continued securities sales throughout the coming year. The NBDR Reg 1A is structured in such a way that the company is able to grow capital as needed up to the prescribed amount without having to rely on toxic debt to meet its objectives. The company confirms that they have nonbinding LOI’s for the full sale amount from at least two separate sources, which NBDR has no intention of capitalizing on at this time, to fulfill their cash requirement. How NBDR times these sales will provide insight into where they are in relation to their objectives.

Possible scenario include steady capital infusion which may indicate meeting or exceeding monthly and quarterly goal, exponentially more substantial infusion every quarter which may indicate a need to meet exponentially larger demands each quarter, massive capital infusion early in the year in an attempt to get a head start on the year, and lastly, major capital infusion late in the year in a last effort to meet goals due to a lack of demand. Taking these scenarios in turn, the first two would be the most likely to meet the prescribed projection because they would seem to indicate a steady increase in the demand for NBDR products and would show the company’s ability to grow its reach. Scenario three may indicate that NBDR is unsure or reaching its goal and may intend to shotgun the marketing and supply to counteract that possible future failure. Scenario four may be considered an admission of failure to reach company target, and that NBDR may have entered a use it or lose it situation with the open Reg 1A, in this case, the company should inform shareholders as soon as possible so not to create panic selling.

In the final analysis, NBDR has a long way to go to meets its goal, and although boastful about that goal there is a clear process to attain it. Be on the lookout for the expected PR’s over the next couple of weeks. We would assess a high probability of an additional capital infusion within the next 4 to 8 weeks in order to set conditions for success in the 2nd quarter.

This concludes No Borders, Inc. Monthly Shareholders Video assessment. For assessments or analysis production information, contact the author at tj.riemann1@gmail.com.

Can No Borders, Inc meet it’s Projection? $NBDR

About No Borders Inc.

No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) is a multifaceted corporation specializing in the acquisition, creation, and scaling of commercial and consumer products by utilizing cutting-edge technologies to reduce costs while increasing revenues and shareholder value through technological superiority across its portfolio of assets. The Companys portfolio of brands includes:

  • No Borders Naturals Inc., a purveyor of health and wellness products for active consumers and their pets. (www.NoBordersNaturals.com)
  • No Borders Dental Resources Inc., a provider of equipment and supplies to medical and dental professionals across the U.S. through the trade name MediDent Supplies (www.MediDentSupplies.com).
  • No Borders Labs Inc., which provides leading-edge tech tools to NBDR internal companies while also offering consulting, architecture and software development services to external businesses looking to update their technology infrastructure for greater efficiency, security and transparency (www.NoBordersLabs.com).
  • www.CBDLabChain.com which is a powerful tool to demonstrate in an unbiased and unchangeable way a clear sense of security to consumers of CBD products by recording Certificate Of Authority (COA) on a blockchain technology platform. With a goal to provide consumers with peace of mind, No Borders Labs designed CBD LabChain to record THC, CBD and other lab test data variants with those results easily accessible via QR code linkage as well as a clear Results Guaranteed With Blockchain icon, which can be integrated directly into individual product labels.

No Borders, Inc. is headquartered in Arizona with resources in the U.S., South America, Asia, and Europe. For more information, visit the Company’s website at www.NBDR.co.