Is the Pandemic ‘Black Swan’ finally going to bed, and the future of market disrupters.

Opinion  By Timothy Riemann As we enter month 9 of the seemingly endless COVID Pandemic, I’m beginning to ponder the phrase “New Normal” and what it entails.  Nine months ago, the fear of an unknown and uncontrollable virus spread around the world. The effects COVID have been felt by every nation and every economic sector,… Read More

An Analyst Without Portfolio

I am an Analyst, and unfortunately, I’m also without a portfolio of accomplishment. But that’s why I’m here. I’m here to accomplish two goals; apply my analytical skills to help companies grow and mature, and to build a portfolio of success. Being without a portfolio does not necessarily equate to without experience. I’ve spent the… Read More

Taking the next step.

Hey, thanks for stopping, I appreciate it, for those who have been following me for the last year or so, thanks for that as well. And for those that just found me, thanks for coming. I started this page about a year ago as a personal challenge to write more. Although I haven’t reached my… Read More